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Wedding photography checklist

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Wedding photography checklist

Unless you love planning and organising, you may not have even considered having a wedding day photography checklist! You may think, what’s the point in that? But, you will thank us later when you have the exact photos of which you have dreamt! You are probably now thinking, well isn’t that what the photographer should be thinking of capturing, without us needing to provide a list? Of course, your photographer won’t need to be told to capture certain moments such as the ceremony and cake cutting, for example, but those shots that you will look back and wish you had, like with your grandparents or great aunt.

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Most photographers have a list of shots they will always capture, so you can discuss their standard shots to see if any are missing; any shots that they don’t take as standard, but you know you will want, can be added to your wedding day photography checklist. You won’t need to provide your wedding day photography checklist to your photographer until much closer to your wedding, so you will be able to take your time and think about the kinds of photos you’d like to see of your wedding day. Don’t forget! Your wedding photography checklist can also include shots prior to your big day. Engagement photography shoots are a great way to get to know your photographer a bit more and see how they direct you in helping capture great shots. Having a checklist may also help the photographer price accurately, find out more about wedding photography prices.

Let’s plan your wedding photography checklist! Of course, some of these may not apply to you, or there may be more that you think of; either way, this comprehensive list is a great starting point from which you can begin planning!

Pre-Wedding Preparations

If you have two photographers, you may want to make a separate list for the moments you’d like each photographer to capture while you and your partner are getting ready separately. For those that can only have one photographer, most will opt for more pictures of the bride and bridal party getting ready, but be sure the photographer can make it over to the groom’s location to get a few shots prior to the wedding ceremony. Some couples do opt for a first-look session prior to the ceremony, so you would want to be sure those moments are photographed.

[ ] The rings
[ ] Wedding invitations
[ ] Dress, jewellery and shoes
[ ] Close up of the dress
[ ] Bouquets and corsages
[ ] Bridal party getting ready (make-up and hair)
[ ] Bride getting ready (make-up and hair)
[ ] Shots of the fun being had while getting ready (champagne popping, toasts, dancing, etc)
[ ] Bridal party helping the bride touch up make-up/fix veil
[ ] Shots of the bride and bridal party holding their bouquets
[ ] Mother and daughter shots
[ ] Father’s first look at the bride
[ ] Father and daughter shots
[ ] The wedding car
[ ] Bride and father in the wedding car or walking into the ceremony
[ ] Groom and groomsmen all dressed and ready

The Ceremony

[ ] Shots of the empty ceremony venue
[ ] Guests entering the venue
[ ] Groomsmen and groom waiting and ready
[ ] The bride and father exiting the wedding car
[ ] Bride and father entering the venue
[ ] Flower girl
[ ] Groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time
[ ] Bride and father walking down the aisle
[ ] Bridesmaids walking down the aisle
[ ] Father giving away the bride
[ ] Reaction shots during the ceremony
[ ] Exchange of vows
[ ] Ringbearer
[ ] Exchange of rings
[ ] First kiss
[ ] Newly married couple walking down the aisle
[ ] Shot as soon as the couple exit
[ ] Newlyweds greeting guests
[ ] Newlyweds getting into the wedding car

After the Ceremony

[ ] Newlywed shots (both alone and together)
[ ] Newlyweds with full bridal and groomsmen parties
[ ] Bride with maid of honour
[ ] Groom with best man
[ ] Newlyweds with each set of parents
[ ] Newlyweds with both sets of parents
[ ] Newlyweds and in-laws (brothers and sisters)
[ ] Newlyweds and other close members of family (grandparents, etc)

At the Reception

[ ] The empty reception venue
[ ] Wedding favours
[ ] Guest book
[ ] Table settings
[ ] Centerpieces
[ ] Cake
[ ] Guests entering the reception
[ ] Newlyweds entering the reception
[ ] Toast
[ ] Various shots of guests eating/drinking
[ ] Various shots of newlyweds interacting with guests
[ ] Speeches
[ ] Cake cutting
[ ] First dances (newlyweds/mother of the groom/father of the bride)
[ ] Guests dancing and having fun
[ ] Bouquet toss
[ ] Garter removal

Every wedding has its own unique moments, so there may be certain parts of your ceremony that aren't listed above, but feel free to copy this list and add your own ideas! Congratulations and good luck on your big day!

Having a checklist is a great way to make sure photography quotes are well-costed whether you are looking for commercial photography rates, product photography prices or drone photography pricing.

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