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Real Estate Photography Costs and FAQs

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Real Estate Photography Prices and FAQs

From empty plots to cosy cottages, grand designs and penthouse suites, stunning real estate photography can help make a sale. Excellent real estate photography requires a skilled photographer and with that comes a cost. Sure, you can find cheap photographers but an experienced and skilled photographer can turn a good photo into a great one and they charge accordingly for this. In the UK, the average price of real estate photography is £150-£300 to photography one property.

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Minimum You Should Pay £90
Maximum You Should Pay £300
Average £150
Average Range £90-£200

What is Property Photography?

Real estate photography may not be commonly thought of when thinking about photography, but there is actually quite a demand for it. While not as popular as wedding photography, for example, property photography can be highly profitable as people are always buying and selling properties! In many ways property photography pricing is determined by the same objective as product photography pricing, namely to effectively sell to the viewer what is in the image.

Even within real estate photography, there are different kinds of photography that can be used to help market a property.

Types of Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography pricing very much depends on the type of property photography you need:

Residential Photography

Perfect for making your home look its best! Photos of all the main rooms such as bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living areas and garden will be taken. To make sure your home looks its best when being shot, you do need to spend a bit of time tidying up and making sure everything is presentable. Make sure that all of your bins are hidden and move cars out of view. It is worth running a lawn mower around so that your grass is tidy; if you have any garden furniture, set them out nicely. The inside of your home should be clean and tidied, with all toys put away. If you do have a pet, it is worth moving pet bowls away during the shoot. Lighting is key for interior photo shoots, so always open blinds and ensure your lights are all working. If you have wires hanging around, either unplug them and hide them away during the shoot, or at least try and tidy them so they do not take away from the photos.

Interior & Exterior Photography

When it comes to real estate, we do judge a book by its cover! Exterior photos can help pique the interest of potential buyers and puts the property into context and shows its surrounding areas. Interior shots help give a property character and capture the personality of the property. This type of photography is great for both residential and commercial properties.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is usually used in business to help generate revenue. Commercial photography is often associated with sales pitches, merchandising and brochures. However, it can also be used on company websites or even as a background for brand campaigns. Find out more about the different cost factors that influence commercial photography rates.

Architectural Photography

This type of photography is used to capture the aesthetics of a property and gives an accurate idea of either a residential or commercial property. For example, if you have a beautiful, winding staircase in your home, capturing that and using it as a key photo could make the difference between closing a sale and losing one instead! If you have a stunning driveway, a good real estate photographer will also consider it and other surrounding features to create an eye-catching landscape shot.

Construction Photography

For up and coming residential areas, construction photography can help with marketing and generating interest in new homes that are being built. For areas that are being developed for new builds, for example, construction photography can be used to help boost sales and keep homeowners up to date on progress and see how close their home is to completion.

Aerial & Elevated Photography

Aerial and elevated shots are always impressive and can really help your property stand out, giving people a true idea of exactly how your property fits into its surroundings and shows your property as a whole. If you have unique features that are selling points, such as a stunning fountain or landscaped garden, they can get the recognition they deserve with an aerial shot. Find out more about drone photography prices and the different cost factors.

Most real estate photography combines a few of these types. So, when you begin to plan to have property photos taken, you should consider the key features of your home and how they can be used as selling points. Most property photographers will have a keen eye for detail, but having a list prepared of what you feel gives your home it's personality and character can assist the photographer in ensuring it comes across in the photos they take.

Another consideration when it comes to real estate photography is whether you would want any video footage of your property. The price of this is significantly higher, typically anywhere between £300-£600 for basic packages; high end real estate videography can start at £800+! Video footage is extremely engaging and can help speed up a sale, helping with the return on investment. An alternative to video footage is 360 virtual tours, which help give viewers a chance to connect with the property more and visualise the main rooms in the house. Again, prices will vary for 360 virtual tours, but you can find skilled photographers offering this service starting at £150.

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Factors That Affect Real Estate Photography Prices

Number of Photos

The number of photos you require will be one of the main dictating factors of your property photography price. You will find that some photographers charge an hourly rate or a set fee per number of photos. If you are unsure of how many you may need, prior to shooting, your photographer can walk throughout your property to determine how many shots would be required.

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Size of Property

Larger properties require more photos to give an accurate depiction of the property. Consider both the interior and exterior of your property, are you wanting to show off the property as a whole, or just a few select rooms and features? If you have a smaller property, your photographer may need more time in each room to help maximise the space in each room, helping them appear larger. This means you can expect to pay a higher real estate photography price.


Lighting is key to capturing excellent property shots! If your property is not light enough, special lighting equipment will be required and your photographer is likely to charge an additional fee for this. Natural light is the best light, but some rooms that have small windows may not have enough natural light to help create a good shot. The best time of day for real estate photography is during the day, but if you can only have a shoot done in the evening, be prepared to budget extra for lighting equipment that may be needed.

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On average it takes about an hour to an hour and a half for a real estate photography shoot. If your photographer charges by the hour, a larger home will take longer to shoot. If any special equipment is required, they will need to set that up prior to shooting, and that, of course, will impact the amount of time they are on site and therefore the price. Avoid rushing the shoot, as the photographer may need adequate time to capture the best shots, giving you high-quality results.


If you live in a remote area you may struggle to find local real estate photographers and they may need to travel to get to your property. Travel time may be factored into price or they may charge an additional fee for travelling above a certain radius of miles.



The more skilled a photographer, the higher the price of your property photography. Good photos can make all the difference, so it is worth investing in an experienced real estate photographer. When searching for a real estate photographer, always do your research and browse through their portfolios to get an idea of the style they tend to use, as well as the level of quality. Many photographers will edit your photos, and their editing skills can also be seen within their portfolios.


If you are interested in real estate photos and perhaps videography or 360 virtual tours, many photographers will offer packages that make it more affordable for you as they can shoot everything in one go. Many photographers are happy to create bespoke packages also, so if you feel there is a certain service you would like to add, you can always discuss that with them.


What Kind of Photos Can I Expect?

Of course, no two properties are the same so photos will vary based on the property. However, most real estate photographers tend to have a couple of typical shots that they will also capture:

  • Two wide angled shots of the kitchen, each bedroom and living areas
  • One shot of the bathroom (if your bathroom is luxurious, there could be more to help highlight its features)
  • Up to three photos of the back garden and up to two of the front of the property
  • A shot per key feature in your home (such as a garage, office or laundry room)

Pique interest in your property with stunning real estate photography, taken by a skilled photographer who will help capture the aesthetics of your property and zone in on the main selling points, helping with a quick sale.