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No matter your photography requirement, we are here to help you to compare quotes and find local photographers. There are thousands upon thousands of photographers eager to offer their services, but how can you match your exact requirements and budget with local photographers? The solution is simple! Use our service to compare photographer quotes that not only help you find what you are looking for, but to also help you save money in the long run too. Learn more about what we do below!

Looking to get a quote from a photographer? Compare quotes from local photographers below and save money your next photography project. Time to complete form: 30 seconds!

How Do We Work?

If you already know your specific photography requirements, it has never been more simple! You can complete a form - answering a few questions about your requirements and your postcode - and within 30 seconds start to get quotes from local photographers in your area. Perhaps you are not sure what your exact photography requirement is, but you know you need some kind of photography? Or, if your project is quite complex and you would feel more comfortable talking with someone first, we are here to help and connect you with local photographers who can walk you through every step. You can feel free to pop us a message if you have any questions! Fortunately for you, we have done all the hard work and sourced the best, local photographers so we are able to help match your needs to a professional, high-quality photographer. Our quotes are all obligation-free, so feel free to browse, compare and save money on your photographer quotes.

What Types of Photography Do We Provide Quotes For?

You name it, we have got it covered! There are so many kinds of photography and we have photographers that can assist with all of your needs. Some of the most commonly known and sought after kinds of photography that we provide quotes for include:

However, this list is not exhaustive! Some less common types of photography that may not typically spring to mind, but we cover, are:

Again, this list is not exhaustive either, so please feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss a photography shoot that you have in mind so we can help connect you with a photographer perfect for your occasion.

How Much Does it Cost to Receive a Quote?

There is absolutely no charge to use our quote comparison service; the quotes provided are obligation-free, so you can compare as many quotes as required to find the one that best fits your budget and needs. Even if you do not find a quote that you would like to proceed with, there is no judgement, so you need not feel any pressure when using our service.

What Should Be Included In My Photography Quote?

As photography is such a large industry and has many different kinds of photography, it can be hard to specify exactly what should be included in the quote you receive. Of course, there are some basics that should be included, but some may or may not apply, depending on the type of photography you require. Let’s look at some of the basics that you may see on a quote:

  • It should include who the contract is between (you and your photographer)
  • It may include an idea of what you expect from the shoot or the vision you have
  • It may include the kinds of photos you want (candid, posed, etc)
  • It should include an idea of how many photos you will receive
  • It should include pricing; some quotes will provide a breakdown of pricing
  • It may include optional additions (for example, a second shooter, videography, etc)
  • It should provide terms and conditions and the payment terms
  • It should note how you will receive the photos (i.e. online gallery, USB, etc)

Why Do Photography Quotes Differ So Much?

When you receive your quotes, you will notice that the price difference can be quite substantial between some photographers. You may wonder what can cause such a large difference, because surely they are doing the same thing, right? Not quite! This is why reviewing your quote carefully can ensure that your quote covers everything you require from that photographer.

Once you have determined that your quote does in fact include all of your requirements, you may be surprised to see that some quotes are still significantly higher. So, while two quotes may offer the exact same package in terms of number of photos and hours, they can differ greatly in their quality. Photographers with extensive experience will be charging much higher prices than those that are new to the industry. You can usually tell within just a few minutes of reviewing portfolios who has much more experience, as you will be able to recognise a distinct style and way of editing.

We always recommend comparing quotes, and looking through portfolios as well as reviews and testimonials to find a photographer that you feel matches what you are seeking. No matter what you need a photographer for, whether that be as momentous an occasion such as your wedding, or something more simplistic as a headshot for work, a professional, high-quality photographer will provide you with photographs that will last a lifetime.

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