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Corporate photography prices

Let’s take a look at corporate photography prices! As with many other sectors of photography, corporate photography can differ in price, depending on your needs. On average, you will pay about £250 in the UK for a corporate photography shoot. Corporate photography covers quite a vast range of photography and can be used in quite a few ways - let’s take a look.

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Minimum You Should Pay £160
Maximum You Should Pay £450
Average £250
Average Range £160-£450


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What is Corporate Photography?

Corporate photography is one of the most popular types of photography. From big, corporate companies to small, independent start-ups, businesses use this kind of photography for advertising and promoting their brand or service. This helps you to set a visual tone for your business, helping your company show its authority and authenticity. Corporate photography consists of professional portraits of staff, the workplace environment, and potentially even events that happen that require coverage. It captures the way staff works, which will help give your business character. Not only will corporate photography include headshots of staff and people in action, but also the building if you feel it will help tell the story of your business. For example, a coffee shop owner may be featured in an editorial and will want to include shots of the baristas in action, customers sipping their coffees and even some shots of the seating area, which help entice future customers.

What Are The Purposes of Corporate Photography?

Corporate photography can be used in a range of ways to help promote your business and sell goods or services. The purpose of corporate photography is to advertise your business to potential customers, by giving them a glimpse into who you are as a business, which can include your core values.

  • Sell your products: product photography does have its own category, but corporate photography will include a few shots of your product (if relevant). For example, a CEO of a mobile phone company may have a portrait taken whilst using one of the phones available for purchase.
  • Your website: If you have a website, you will want quality, professional photos to accompany it. These days, most people find new businesses online with the help of a quick Google search. Sites that make use of excellent photography are deemed more respectable and trustworthy; crazy what a few photos can do for your business! Use your corporate photography photos to upload to the ‘about us’ section and provide your customers with a better understanding of who makes up your business. Depending on the kind of business you run, you can then feature other photos throughout your website. This is where the key differences between professional photography and that done on a smartphone comes in!
  • Marketing and advertising tools: whether you are having brochures, leaflets, editorials or even a large billboard, you will want a corporate photographer to provide you with quality images to help your advertising tools reach their full potential.

These photos are essential for showcasing the quality of products and services offered and can help your business to expand. These photos attract new clients and investors and as well as showcase the investors and clients who are already associated with the company. You can use it in the poster, brochures, galleries, and other things as well.

Tips to Prepare for a Corporate Photography Shoot

Provide all of the necessary information.

If you want a successful corporate photography session, you need to give all the significant details to your photographer. You need to discuss about the major purpose of your business, so the photographer can be sure that this is reflected in the photos they will be taking.


Careful planning is key, especially if you want to include many of your staff members in the shoot! Always provide ample notice to your staff and set some rules that should be followed. For example, if you do not wear uniforms, ensure that you set a dress code for the day of the shoot. Ensure that the business is cleaned to a high standard and tidy up; remember, you want your business to be presentable and inviting for your customers. If you run an office, for example, imagine you have your most important client coming in for a meeting. Consider what you would do in this situation to prepare; follow that same train of thought and prepare in the same way for a corporate photo shoot.

Discuss your expectation

Prior to your shoot, it’s a good idea to talk about what your hopes are for the shoot and perhaps provide your photographer with some examples or your benchmark equivalent for what you are wanting to achieve. This will help to ensure that you receive photos just as you’d imagined. Ofcourse, your photography will also be able to help direct and lead the shoot, so if you aren’t too sure of exactly what you are wanting to achieve, they will be able to run the show.

Types of Corporate Photography

Traditional Portraits

Perfect for the ‘about us’ section on your website, or even ID badges, traditional portraits are a visual of who you are and the role you play in the business. Many directors and CEOs believe they must look stern and official in their portraits, but remember people are drawn to people, so you can allow your personality to shine through. A little small adds warmth to a portrait and reminds your customers you are human too!

Environmental Portraits

To make an impact and show off your business a little, environmental portraits will give you a chance to include your working environment. It’s a good idea to have a mixture of shots that include staff, and perhaps even customers, as well as some of the environment without anyone working.

Group Portraits

Depending on the size of your company, you may want group portraits. Group portraits can be great when there’s a momentous occasion, such as the anniversary of the business opening. Group portraits don’t necessarily need to be posed and it’s great to capture groups of your team working and interacting with each other.

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Factors Affecting the Price of Corporate Photography


If you are going to be including environmental portraits, your photographer will have to travel to your business. Depending on your location in relation to the photographer’s studio, they may have to travel. Most photographers will travel up to a certain amount of miles within the radius of their studio and will charge a fee outside of that. Finding a local photographer that is located close to your business will help ensure that you need not pay more.

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The length of your corporate photography shoot will influence the price. Most photographers price their service either by charging half-day or full-day rates, whereas some will charge hourly. Some photographers will offer a package which will include a certain number of hours and will provide an expectation of how many photos you will receive.

Type of Corporate Photography

If you are wanting to include all of the types previously mentioned, your photographer will need to be on site for quite some time, depending on the size of your business. By considering what you require and discussing that with your photographer beforehand will mean that they can provide you with an accurate quote.



The more experience a photographer has, the more they will charge for their services. Photography is so much more than just taking a photo! It involves investing in very expensive equipment and learning how to master using a camera and incorporating use of light, all of which take time and money to do. Good photographers may seem to charge quite a bit more, but the quality of their work will speak for the price they charge.

Good photography is an investment, however investment in corporate photography can really help put your business on the map! Spend time researching photographers and always be sure to compare portfolios to find a photographer that has proven their skills and talent, and whose style is something you find appealing. To compare corporate photography quotes from photographers in your area, you can use our simple form to compare - completely obligation free.