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Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

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Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

If you are stumped for ideas for your engagement shoot and your wedding day photos, you have come to just the right place! We have some great shots to help inspire you; best of all, they are not cringey or over the top, and will help to make for beautiful photos that allow each of you to show off your personality and your love for each other.


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Engagement Shoot Ideas

Your engagement shoot is a great way to work with your photographer and get a little more comfortable being behind the camera. It can sometimes feel a little daunting, but your engagement shoot will give you the confidence you need to let go of those nerves and learn to relax and enjoy the moment, so your photographer can capture those magical moments.

Your photographer will be able to suggest some poses, but it is good to have a bit of inspiration, so we’ve got you covered!


Traditional shots include those where a couple are photographed side by side, perhaps walking or dancing together. Traditional shots are usually a combination of half-body shots to full-body, making the perfect photos for your save the date cards! They are always a great way to show off your complete happiness with your partner.


For photos that include more emotion, you may want to consider a reflective shoot idea. Typically, reflective shots are used amongst posed shots; reflective shots are best when they are unplanned, but if you do bear in mind these can make great shots, you can allow for opportunities where they can be taken.


An intimate embrace makes for a great shot, but not everyone feels comfortable in an intimate embrace in front of the camera; you can have a bit more fun if you think that will work best for you. How about a piggyback pose for a touch of fun instead?


Close up shots of holding hands and the engagement rings with some props that help define you as a couple is a great way to build some detail into your shots.


One of the best profile shots you can take is the ‘almost-kiss’ shot! They are intimate enough without being too much for some couples. With these shots, you will need to forget the camera is there and just live in the moment.


Whether you are walking hand-in-hand, or being a bit playful, action shots allow you to show off your personality and let down your inhibitions so that your photographer can capture that side of each of you.


Some couples love to include their pets in their engagement pictures! It’s another chance to have some fun and for your photographer to help guide for some great shots that show you all as a little family.


Not everyone likes these kinds of shots, as they can be on the cheesier, but they can also be so much fun! Why not recreate the moment you got engaged?

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Wedding Day Shots

First Look

It is becoming more common that couples are taking first look shots before the ceremony. To put a bit more of a unique twist on your first look shot, the bride can cover the groom’s eyes with her hands, so her engagement ring is on show, almost like a blindfold. The photographer can then take a shot as the groom turns around to see his bride.


Lying in the Grass

If you are having a spring or summer wedding, a shot of each of you laying in opposite directions on the grass, with your face’s touching. Closing your eyes makes it more intimate, and for a sweet touch, one of you can reach up and touch the other’s face.

Practice First Dance

For a more playful, fun shot, practicing your first dance will allow your photographer to capture some sweet moments between the two of you. A lovely shot is for the groom to pick the bride up and twirl her around - especially if she has a lovely, flowy dress.

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Wide Angle Shot

Wide angle shots are great for creating drama! Take a more intimate shot, like an almost-kiss, against a forest or woody setting; your photographer will be set back a bit, so you can relax a bit and enjoy the moment. The resulting photo will be breathtaking and timeless!

The Kiss

While this is not a unique shot, it can be one of the most cherished photos, so it is important this is included! Once you have relaxed a little more, your photographer is likely to direct you into this moment.

There are endless shots you can take for both your engagement and wedding shoots. These ideas are just to pique your interest and help give you some inspiration for shots that you can take that are reflective of you as a couple!