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Should I hire a wedding photographer? Do I need one?

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Should I hire a wedding photographer? Do I need one?

Your wedding day is one of the most momentous days of your life, and hiring a wedding photographer to document your day is definitely worth consideration. In today’s world, with a range of quality cameras that are built into iPhones and other high tech gadgets, you may be thinking, ‘why spend all that money when Aunt Betty can use her top of the line iPhone to take pictures?’. Sure, that’s a valid question, but with what intent will those photos be taken? Wedding photographers do more than just take photos, they take photos with meaning and purpose; it is almost like a jigsaw puzzle! Each photo will help to tell the story of your wedding day, so you will be able to relive it every time you look back at your wedding photos.

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Your wedding day goes by in just a flash and other than your rings, there are not many other items that will remind you of your special day - other than photos, that is. Your wedding photos are a form of security and means you can look back at those moments you may have missed or had forgotten happened on the day. A wedding photographer is skilled in knowing how to create the story of your wedding day; it is important that you allow for ample time so that your photographer can do this. On average, most couples hire a wedding photographer for anywhere between 8-10 hours to cover an average sized wedding - learn more about how long you need to book your wedding photographer for here.

Experienced wedding photographers will know the ropes when it comes to weddings and will be able to predict or guess what is likely to happen throughout your wedding and will be prepared to capture shots in those unexpected moments and can convey all the emotions of the day through the photos they take. If you are getting married at a popular venue, it is likely they will know the best areas for backdrops and how to work the lighting to get the best photos. Even if they are not familiar, your wedding photographer will likely scout the location first to get an idea of the environment in which they will be working.

It can be a nightmare organising your family for group shots, but by hiring a wedding photographer, their job will be to do this. Your only job on your wedding day should be to enjoy it; so, allow the stress to be taken off you by hiring a photographer who helps with these tedious tasks that would otherwise leave you feeling frazzled trying to gather everyone together.

Nobody likes to think of the worst, but your wedding photographer will have done that and will be prepared for any scenario that may occur on your special day. Most wedding photographers bring at least two cameras with them in case anything happens to the first. Your photos are also protected as they are not only stored on the camera, but will also be backed up onto the computer, so there is no chance of them getting lost once taken. A professional wedding photographer that has been in the industry for some time will also have a range of contact, so if the worst happened and they were ill on the big day, you would still have professional coverage.

For these reasons, it means that you can relax on your wedding day and enjoy it, rather than worrying about who is taking photos. Prior to your wedding, you can create a wedding photo checklist that you can share with your photographer to ensure your dream shots are captured. You will have a chance to get to know your wedding photographer before the wedding with a consultation, and if you wish to have an engagement shoot done, this would be a great opportunity to become more comfortable in front of the camera; you will also see how your photographer interacts with you and provides direction, similar to what they will do on your big day.

While not everyone can afford a wedding photographer to cover their entire wedding, including the preparations on the morning and leading up to the ceremony, it is a good idea to try and set aside some of your budget to at least cover the ceremony and perhaps a little bit of the reception. No matter your budget, always compare wedding photographers, their quotes, packages, and styles to ensure you find one that matches your requirements. Try to avoid compromising quality over savings, as you may end up disappointed in the long run. Check out this page to find out what you can expect in each price point that you will pay when it comes to wedding photography prices.

The bottom line is, your wedding photographs are a timeless treasure that are worth the investment; they will be something that you can look back on forevermore and share with those who may not have been able to attend, and even show your future children and grandchildren. It is rare that a couple has regretted their wedding photos, unless of course, they’ve used an amateur photographer who has not delivered to their expectations. Hiring a professional, experienced wedding photographer is a wise choice and will truly ensure that your wedding album tells the story of the love, joy and laughter shared on one of the most important days of your life!

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